Why Us?

 Flying Cacti, LLCOthers
Package Deal of $6,499 for Sport Pilot License
Package Deal of $9,499 for Private Pilot License
$9,000 or more for a Sport Pilot License
$15,000 or more for a Private Pilot License
Success Rate
We currently have a 100% passing rate for Pilot LicensesAverage passing rate is 70%
Aircraft RentalStarting as low as $99 (wet) plus sales taxBetween $125 to $150 plus sales tax
Commercial Package DealWe offer a commercial package deal (CPL / IFR) for about 50% lessOthers charge at least twice as much
Aircraft Age
2021 RV12iS. 2015 RV12ULS, 2014 RV12ULSAverage from 80's, some about 15 years old
Newest state of the art dual Garmin G3X Touch glass panel
Either old six pack avionics or basic / simple glass panel
Flight Instruction
$70 per hour for a full flight instructor / $70 for ground instruction
Some charge $80 an hour and some are limited to Sport Pilot only
Consulting ServicesTax and business consulting for aircraft use and ownershipNone
Personal family style training environment with customized training schedule
Factory style where economical profit has greater preference
Career OpportunitiesWe offer a variety of employment opportunities beyond flight instructionLimited to possible flight instruction only
We offer more for less with the newest aircraft
They offer less for more with much older aircraft

who we are

In May 1998, Flying Cacti, LLC originally started as a sole proprietorship in the state of Arizona. Flying Cacti, LLC was registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission on December 29, 2011 and is formed as a private Limited Liability Company. Flying Cacti, LLC is the premier aviation provider, offering a wide variety of services for the aviation community.



Flight Training (Sport Pilot License)

Flight Training (Private Pilot License)

Flight Training (Instrument Rating / IFR)

Flight Training (Commercial Pilot License / CPL)

LSA and RV-12 Transition Training

Consulting Services for Aircraft Ownership

Consulting Services for Forming a Business

Glass Panel Training for (Garmin G3X Touch + Dynon Skyview)


our staff