We offer a variaty of Flying Cacti merchandise items as well as customized products.


FC Shirt-S
FC Shirt-C

*Standard                                                                                      *Customized

With our merchandise in house production we can print a shirt with your favorite picture and a custom quote in the same day.

Pricing List

Standard Shirt: $9

Customized Shirt: $19


$14.50 for Coffe Mug
FC mug-back (1)

We offer exclusive coffee mugs and stainless steel thermo bottles

Pricing List

Mugs: $14

Bottles: $19

Customized Wood Panels in different sizes


Pick your favorite moment and we print it on a premium wood panel exclusively for you

Pricing List

8x8 and 8x10 inch: $24

11x11 and 11x14 inch: $34 

 Customized Stickers


Do you want a unique sticker from our RV12 ?

We also provide customized requests.

Pricing list

RV12 Sticker: $5

Customized Sticker: $8

Please send an email to to order your individual product


(All prices plus 9.2% sales tax)

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